Our patients can now experience the revolutionary technology of Insignia. Insignia combines the doctor’s education, experience and insight with 3-D computer modeling to produce your prefect smile, before braces are ever applied!

If it is determined that Insignia is the right treatment for you, scans are taken of your teeth and bite and are immediately sent off to the Insignia Smile Lab. Through specialized software and a team of computer modeling technicians, each tooth is separated so it can be digitally manipulated. Then we digitally place custom brackets on each tooth, fast forward to your smile and see your results. If necessary bracket placement is adjusted and this process is repeated until the desired result is achieved.

Insignia can take up to 35% off the treatment time because fewer physical adjustments are necessary since the scans and bracket placement are all determined digitally.

During application, each custom fit Insignia bracket is positioned on teeth precisely where the computer model indicated. Once applied, the brackets are fitted with wires customized for you based on the treatment plan.