Braces Care Instructions


Congratulations on your new braces! We would like to give you a few tips to help minimize your discomfort while getting used to the braces.

Wax acts like a Band-aid for your mouth. By placing wax over the bracket (or whatever is irritating your tissue), it “guards” against further discomfort. Be sure to dry the area off before you place the wax over it – the wax sticks much better that way. Use a large enough piece of wax to allow full coverage – the wax sticks to itself, not the braces. Change the wax whenever it falls off, until you no longer need it.

Salt Water Rinse can be used to cleanse, disinfect and soothe irritated mouth tissue. We suggest using this rinse for the first day or two following the placement of the braces.

Ibuprofen is the best pain reliever for sore teeth. Follow the manufacturer’s directions regarding dosages and warnings. If you are unable to take Ibuprofen, Acetaminophen (Tylenol) is the next best thing.

Soft foods will be your best choice for the first few days, until your lips and teeth get used to the new braces. Make sure that you are getting adequate nutrition including all the food groups so that you do not become run down. Pudding, milkshakes, yogurt, scrambled eggs, pancakes and soups are all good choices. Your mouth will tell you when you are ready to eat “normal” foods.

PLEASE NOTE: A Loose or Broken Bracket, Button or Build-up that has come off OR Poking Wire is NOT always an emergency!


Foods To Avoid


BEEF JERKY … not eat!
CANDIES … not bite into these!
CHIPS …..small pieces only
GUM …..sugarless only, and no bubblegum (of any kind)!
ICE … not chew!
MEATS …..cut from the bone!
NUTS … not eat!
PENS & PENCILS … not chew!
POPCORN … not eat the kernels!
RAW FRUITS & VEGETABLES …..cut them up!



Problems & Solutions


Occasionally your braces may break or begin to poke your gum tissue. Call the office and one of our team members will be happy to
help you out!

Loose or broken bracket : This is generally not a problem that needs to be fixed immediately. We may need to see you for an extra visit to fix the problem, or we may fix it at your next scheduled appointment by adding time to that visit. If you do not notify us of the breakage, we may not be able to fix it at your regular visit.

Poking or broken wire(s) can be a painful problem. Use wax over the end of the wire until you have it clipped. If you live out of the office area, your general dentist in your hometown may be able to clip the wire for you, and save you a trip.

Lost spring or tube: Depending upon where the spring or tube is, we may need to see you to replace it. Keep the piece that fell off (if
you can) and bring it with you to the office when you come.

Chain elastic broken or off: This should be fixed fairly soon, as the teeth can drift and spaces will open up.

Loose or missing hook: If you were attaching elastics to the hook, stop wearing the elastics. Call the office during regular hours to schedule a brief visit to have the hook replaced or tightened.

If you lose your elastics, please call our office during regular hours so we can have the elastics ready for you when you come by. If you cannot come to the office to pick them up, we can mail them to you.

PLEASE NOTE: A Loose or Broken Bracket, Button or Build-up that has come off OR Poking Wire is NOT always an emergency!