We Offer Expert Accelerated Invisalign

For patients looking to complete treatment within a shorter amount of time, we recommend adding the OrthoPulse device to the their treatment plan. OrthoPulse is a clinically proven device that uses low levels of light energy to faciliate tooth movement. Just one fast and convenient self-treatment session of 10 minutes per day can accelerate orthodontic tooth movement allowing teeth to move faster.

How Does OrthoPulse Work?

Over 50% of the light we receive from the Sun is in the near infrared spectrum; we cannot see it, but we can feel it as warmth on our skin. OrthoPulse uses low levels of near infrared light to gently deliver energy to the bone and tissues around the tooth roots. That energy then helps to remodel the surrounding bone and faciliate tooth movement. The energy contained in the OrthoPulse light is absorbed by mitochondrial enzymes in cells and converted to chemical energy (ATP).